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The formula is thick, but has a non greasy finish and keeps skin feeling hydrated all day.It best for use on the body as we found the formula just a tad too thick for use on the face. If you suffer with irritated or cracked skin this is definitely one for you to try out.A little bit certainly goes a long way, so this 10 bottle should last you for quite a while.Price: 10.28, Amazon buy here now2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Body Gel CreamNivea Cherry Blossom Jojoba Oil Body LotionThe great thing about this body lotion from Nivea is the sweet aroma combined with the nourishing ingredients giving you an overall superb lotion to get you through the winter.Infused with Jojoba oil this rich and fast absorbing formula keeps your skin feeling and smelling it best all day, without leaving a greasy residue behind.If you looking for a little indulgence, 6 isn a bad price to pay.Price: 5.99, Superdrug buy here nowRead MoreBest eczema creams of 2019: including products that you can use on your baby4.

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